Located just 10 minutes south of Millersburg, Ohio, off State Route 83

Lake Buckhorn is a residential/recreational community built around a 220-acre lake. Families, retirees and weekend recreationers alike make up our community, which includes over 300 homes and over 500 members.
Surrounded by lush, wooded Hillsides where nature's wildlife abounds, Lake Buckhorn is Holmes County's only residential resort-style community.

This website is for members to keep current on the happenings and important events at Lake Buckhorn, and also to inform prospective members about Lake Buckhorn. We invite you to tour our site and learn more about Holmes County's best-kept secret!

Lake Buckhorn
1817 State Route 83
Unit 332
Millersburg, OH 44654

Office Phone : 330-674-9961
Security Phone : 330-231-2439
Fax : 330-674-5612
Email : staff@lakebuckhorn.info
Office Hours : Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8am - 4pm

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From the Veterans of Foreign Wars on the Proper way to display and respect our flag

  • Don’t display a flag at night unless it’s illuminated.
  • If lighting it isn’t possible, make sure to take it down at sunset
  • Don’t fly your flag in the rain or other inclement weather, unless it’s an all-weather flag
  • Do be sure the union (the blue field) is at the top if you hang the flag from a staff projecting from a window or building
  • Do position the union so that it is at farthest point from the building when suspending a flag over a sidewalk
  • Don’t allow the flag to touch anything beneath it
  • Do retire frayed or worn flags they’re no longer fit to serve as a symbol of our country
  • Don’t throw them in the trash, most American Legion or Veterans of Foreign Wars posts host flag-burning ceremonies for this purpose, often on Flag Day
  • Search legion.org or vfw.org to find your local post






Lakeview Hall

Children's Playgrounds

Lake Buckhorn Calender

Lake Information

The LBPOA staff has offices in Lakeview Hall, located on Buckhorn Cove, just south of the main entrance to the community.
Office Hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8am - 4pm.
Closed Wed, Sat, Sun.

All fees, dues, etc. may be paid at the LBPOA offices in Lakeview Hall. Boat, vehicle and recreational vehicle registrations, are handled by the LBPOA staff. Generally speaking, any business matters that pertain to LBPOA and the Bloomfield Water Company can be handled at the LBPOA office.The lake manager and office staff hold regular office hours.

Bloomfield Water Company

The fresh water needs of Lake Buckhorn residents are served by the Bloomfield Water Company, a cooperative-owned organization which owns and operates the well field(s) and water lines serving Lake Buckhorn.

Additional information about Bloomfield Water Company will be posted at a later date. If you have questions or concerns about any aspect of your water service please contact the LBPOA office 330-674-9961

Bloomfield Water Co.

  • Richard Lesiecki - President
  • Richard Strausbaugh - Vice President
  • Lori Murray - Treasurer
  • Norm Matusek - Secretary
  • Al Artman - Trustee

Lake Buckhorn P.O.A.